All of our food and drinks are vegan and organic, and we prepare them with creativity and love.
We prepare a limited quantity of food each day to minimize waste, so by evening our lunch special will occasionally be sold out. You are welcome to make a reservation to make sure the daily special will be available for you by calling us at +49 941 64635541.

Since our offerings are completely plant-based, we naturally accommodate many eating styles, including Kosher and Halal diets, lactose intolerant eaters, and others.

All savory food and pastries are available to-go in our recyclable and compostable packaging. You are also welcome to bring your own container. For the environment’s sake, you can take your coffee to go in your own mug, or in one of our KeepCups (available in the shop). When you purchase a KeepCup here, your first coffee drink with it is on us! Every time you use your KeepCup, you will get a 20 cent discount.


Each day we offer a unique vegan lunch and a raw vegetable salad. And if you need something just for the soul, you might like to try one of our housemade desserts.


After 3 PM, our hummus bowl with falafel, kimchi and grilled veggies is also available.

Pastries & Raw Cakes

Every day, our bakers prepare tasty cakes and pastries, many of which are naturally gluten-free.
Our raw cakes are made exclusively from raw ingredients. They are one of our specialities, and nourish both the tastebuds and thesoul.
For a bite-sized treat to end your meal, you can try our Raw Pralines (or two… or three….).

Check our Facebook page to find out our lunch, salads and cakes today (in german).


9:00 - 11:30 am

Tara Breakfast
Scrambled tofu with vegetables, a raw salad, and two blinis with savory spread and marmelade. Served with a glass of vegetable or fruit juice 0,2l

Tara 4 Two
Scrambled tofu with vegetables, a raw salad, and two blinis with savory spread and marmelade, with a cinnamon roll and a serving of winter granola.
Served with two glasses of vegetable or fruit juice 0,2l

Scrambled Tofu
with vegetables, savory spread and marmelade

Blini Breakfast
Two blinis with a raw salad, savory spread, and marmelade


House-baked granola-muesli with coconut flakes and dates, served with hot milk and bananas

Millet with vanilla foam and fruits
Fluffy millet with vanilla soymilk foam, fruits, and a crispy topping of nuts & seeds

Cinnamon roll (also available gluten-free)
filled with our baker’s choice of nuts, fruits, and spices